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Baja Coast Realty is part of Atisa group, a leading company in the building industry with the highest quality standards.
Currently RACABA COASTAL PROPERTIES is developing 5 residential developments in Rosarito Baja area: Santa Cruz, Monterey Tower, Piramide Plaza del Mar, Mision Viejo Sur and Montemar.

Our developments are in areas with the highest added value, with a modern and luxurious concept, inspired by the architecture of Baja.


Owned and operated as a family business with roots in the Tijuana/San Diego mega-region.

ATISA Group’s companies have achieved excellence in their respective industries by providing unparalleled user experiences to its clients. ATISA Group’s goal looking to the future is to solidify existing businesses while seeking new ventures with which to keep growing and diversifying.


Valle de Guadalupe (Guadalupe Valley) is a beautiful region in Baja California, famous for their wine production. A pleasant journey, enjoying the best wines and getting to know a bit of its history.

If nature is your thing, Baja California offers you excellent outdoor activities, either surfing, trekking, camping, kayaking, or sandboarding.


Ruta el Medano


Kayaks la Misión


Cristo del Sagrado Corazón


Cerro Coronel