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How much is the closing cost?

In Mexico, closing costs can range from 5% to 8%.

Is it true that non-Mexicans cannot buy property on the coasts of Mexico?

Foreigners can acquire property on the coast, although the procedure is not the same as that of a Mexican citizen.

The Mexican Constitution prohibits foreigners from obtaining title to property in the restricted zone, which comprises 100 kilometers from the borders and 50 kilometers from the coasts, however, a Fideicomiso (Bank trust) is established to obtain title. In this way the foreigner is the beneficiary of the trust, where he can build, rent, sell and even inherit the property. This is the legal way for a foreigner to acquire a residential property in the coasts of Mexico.

Can U.S. citizens obtain financing in Mexico? How much do I need for a down payment?

There are banks or financial institutions that grant mortgage loans to foreigners. If you are looking to obtain a mortgage loan in Mexico you must obtain your temporary Mexican residency, which is very easy to obtain from the Secretary of Foreign Affairs. Banks will generally require at least 35% down payment and the loan can be for up to 20 years.

What is the purchase process?

The purchase process is very simple:

  1. Once you have chosen the unit of your preference, your advisor will accompany you to enter the offer, for this a check for $10,000 usd is required which will not be cashed until we have reached an agreement.
  2. A private contract will be signed between the buyer and the seller, at this point the down payment will be completed.
  3. The price of the unit will be settled, the deed will be executed before a Notary Public and then the unit will be physically delivered.
How high are property taxes in Mexico?

In Mexico, property taxes (known as Predial) are very low compared to the US, and can be less than 1% of the value of the property at the time of purchase.

What are the requirements for a bank loan if I am a foreigner?

They usually ask for 3 to 6 months of account statements where you receive your paycheck and your pay stubs, your Fico Score must be 700 points or higher and you must have a work license or work letter and an official ID from your country of origin. That is the most important thing, in addition to this you will be asked for basic documents such as your birth certificate, marriage (only if applicable) and then you need to apply for your Mexican Temporary Residency Visa.

How do I know that my property will not be taken if I buy with Baja Coast Realty?

As we are able to work with a fideicomiso, it means that we are fully in the position to deed, this means that you take possession of the unit, with the verification of the notary about the legality of the property we are dealing with.

What payment methods do you accept? Can I use physical cash?

We accept personal checks, cashier’s checks, wire transfers and physical cash up to $30,000 usd (prior approval).